Screen Time Is Now Part of Our Daily Routine

One product that seems to have taken over the world and a majority of us seem to be glued on and could not live without, would, of course, be our smartphones!  Since smartphones are like a mini computer in our hands, it is very understandable these days when everything is run on technology. I know myself personally, I have my phone at least around me in eyesight 24/7, whether laying on the couch, on the stand next to my bed, or on my worktop, it is there. When it comes to our smartphones there are millions of apps out there making it SO much harder to let our phones go and actually put them down, even while at work, especially since we do a lot of our work on them. With all the app selections it saves us from having to carry multiple products or even bulky ones like our laptops or books, which means our eyes are glued to screens most of the time.

How many times a day do you think you touch your phone or even look down at it? Myself, I would say I probably touch my phone 100 times daily, easy, based on always trying to keep myself busy, just a guesstimate.  However, millennials touch their phones 45-50 times a day on average which honestly is not a large surprise considering we are texting, using social media, checking our emails, playing games, and so much more constantly. Screen time is something that we have just built into our daily lives without even thinking about it. It has even become natural for children these days. They now need to learn to use a tablet in school, which based on the world today, a smart idea, but once again, a TON of screen time.

I know businesses and even maybe yourself have been easily profiting from us staring at our screens from digital marketing. While most think ads can be annoying at times, there is a good amount out there that actually become useful. Whether it be about upcoming events, sales, or even car insurance, this is just a natural smartphone adaption we have learned to live with.

One more thing we (at least I) seem to do a lot, Google! I know I am always thinking of random questions during the week that I want answers to, and rely on my phone to figure them out for me. Did you know there is an even easier way to search for an answer without having to scroll through multiple different links and pages? There is an awesome SMS service, Miss Bongo Prix, that responds to your questions with engaging answers without needing internet services (this is great for times of limited cell service). No more having to spend time searching for the correct answer, especially when you are on the road and cannot really access your internet.

With this service, we can spend more time completing our other daily tasks and also save the headache of not finding the right answer. Of course, if you’d like to have a two-way conversation with the SMS service, it would be like you are talking to Siri or other similar devices. You could expand on your answer, or ask follow up questions to get more informed on the topic you were curious about.