Reflections Fine Food & Spirits (Leola, PA)

I have only visited Reflections Fine Food & Spirits once before this current visit, which was at the bar…and it was an overall decent dining experience. This time however….a little frustrating

Service is one of the top two things I consider when visiting a restaurant, along with food taste, of course. Well…I can say…they failed on service.

When seated, the hostess seemed very grumpy and did not say a word, just plopped the menus on the table and walked away. However, other tables she said “Enjoy!”. Not very welcomed from the beginning.

To be greeted by the waitress, and get the drinks, it took about 20 minutes, and it was only a soda, and draft beer! Once they arrived, there was something black floating in my soda (which meant waiting again).

The food…I had went on a Wednesday night, which I did not realize was unlimited pasta night (including Italian salad and garlic bread) for $16.00, how could I resist that?! This was the best part of the night, in a sense

At the pasta table, you had the option of Chicken, Shrimp, bacon, or Sausage for the meats, along with Penne, Fettuccine, or angel hair for the pasta. Also, you had toppings to add in including red peppers, peas, corn, dried tomatoes, cheese, and more. Then, finish it off with either Alfredo or marinara. Once you chose your items, the one, lonely chef made your dish for you, right in front of you. I thought this was pretty cool, and the chef was doing an AMAZING job!! She was all by herself, only 2 pans to work with, cleaning her own pans, running to get supplies, not sure how she was handling it. The only downside, at about 5 minutes per person, with 7 people in line…that adds up fast waiting for your dish.

I will say, my pasta combination tasted wonderful, and A LOT better than I had expected!! I think they should really have a second cook on for pasta nights, just to make things go a lot quicker.

Back to the waitress…of course she did not need to do much during our visit…but it was check time…and once again…it felt like forever until we got it She has even passed the table multiple times, and nothing.

Overall, I can say that the food was very good, and the chef was great! However, when it came to the overall customer service, and our waitress (extremely slow and inattentive), it makes it questionable to return.