Black Horse Restaurant (Denver, PA)

Black Horse Restaurant is one I have been wanting to visit for a while, just because it is so close to my home. One thing deterring me, the price, a little on the upscale side, but for the right food, that is no issue. I decided to give it a try thanks to Groupon!

When arriving the place was pretty dead, and this was around 5 P.M., however it seemed to get busier by the time we left.

So, the food…

My boyfriend wanted to start with the Horseradish Marinated Beef Tenderloin Tip Flatbread (Goat Cheese Spread, Balsamic Roasted Mushrooms, Arugula, Balsamic Reduction), so I agreed to try it out.

I will say, this was different, not necessarily in a bad way, but I do not think I would get it again. For me, the balsamic just took over all the other flavors. My boyfriend did like this appetizer, and thought it tasted great. He did agree it could have done without the balsamic.

Once again, the main draw for me was the Chicken Mac & Cheese, of course! When looking over the menu, I realized it was not the same one as online, but I decided to try it out anyways.

When it arrived, I was surprised the portion was actually quite large, which meant leftovers for me ?

The mac n cheese itself was good, but not great. It was creamy, cheesy, cooked well, and had okay flavor, but the chicken just over-powered the dish. They used shredded chicken, which is not an issue, but for some reason this kept reminding me of tuna helper (with chicken). There was nothing special about this dish to draw me back., unfortunately.

My boyfriend even decided to go with the mac n cheese also, except with lobster. His impression was kind of the same as mine, it was okay, but nothing special. The amount of lobster in his was very little (unlike my chicken).

When it came to the service, the waitress was friendly, and did check in pretty often. Other than forgetting about our side item, it was decent service.

Overall, when it comes to price vs taste/quality, I do not think we will be in a rush to return to this restaurant.