Enjoy This Healthy, Sweet Treat Before Sending Kids Back to School!

It is almost the day that most parents dread, while on the other hand, a good amount are jumping for joy, back to school!! With the end of Summer closing in, and your little ones being gone all day, why not make them a special treat before they head back to school?! Or if your kids have already started back, have a sweet treat waiting for them when they walk in the door.

This is one very simple treat, that even younger children can make, and I am sure will have fun doing so, POPSICLES!

I was sent Jamba Protein Smoothies pomegranate Pick-me-up, Radar Farms FruitPLUS Vitamins– Blueberries, along with a Popsicle maker, in order to create two Popsicle recipes, that anyone can make.

The protein smoothies may appeal more to the parents, just because of the name (protein smoothie) but are still are great for kids. I am sure most of you could REALLY use some energy at this point, with your kids being home all day, every day right now, so these could help boost that. There are also plenty of regular smoothie kits for you to choose, if you feel your children do not like this flavor or product line. You could make it a “date” night for all of you. All you need to do is switch out the smoothie type in these simple recipes ?

In my opinion, the first time drinking my pomegranate Pick-me-up (from the leftovers) was so refreshing! I am not a huge fan of pomegranate, but on a hot day, this drink is nice and cooling, and I know it is pretty healthy for me. This also has blueberries, strawberries, and the pomegranate is actually flavored Greek yogurt cubes. I can say I am not a fan of Greek yogurt at all, but I could not really tell it was even in there, if I wouldn’t have read the package, I would not have known. You also get 100% of your daily vitamin C, plus a full serving of fruit, this is great for children! Especially since they will never realize it ?

Jamba at-home Protein Smoothie Popsicle

  • At-home smoothie
  • 8 oz of your favorite juice

Directions– Combine the two ingredients in the blender for about 90 seconds, poor into your Popsicle mold. How much simpler could that get?!

Then you have the Radar Farms FruitPLUS Vitamins- Blueberries: “Through a unique topical process, we take naturally-occurring nutrients from a specific blend of whole fruits and vegetables and add them to our ripe blueberries for an extra nutritional boost!”

Some other great benefits, that your kids will never know, “Gluten Free, Kosher, Vegan, No Trans Fat, No Cholesterol, Low Sodium, No Artificial Preservatives, and No Artificial Flavors!!”

I can say, these taste like normal, everyday blueberries to me!

Radar Farms FruitPLUS Popsicle

  • Radar Farms FruitPLUS Vitamins
  • 8 oz of your favorite juice

Directions– Combine the two ingredients into your Popsicle mold. How much simpler could that get?!

I used apple juice in both of these recipes, and let me tell you, the fruit Popsicle came out pretty sweet, but in a great tasting way. The smoothie recipe also came out very good, I actually think I prefer it in this form!

One suggestion I do have, once the popsicles are frozen, place the mold in warm water for about 15 seconds to losen the mold. I tried pulling them out right away, and well the sticks did not stay in.

So what do you think? Easy, fun date night with your children?