Orchards Restaurant (Chambersburg, PA)

On the way home from vacation, as it was getting into evening, and I was becoming very hungry. After looking up a few places quickly, that were around us, my boyfriend suggested Orchards Restaurant. I can say, I was very happy with the selection chosen.

When walking into the restaurant, we did feel a little out of place in our jeans and regular tops, since this is a fancier, classier type restaurant. Normally when this happens, we are segregated in the corner and the service is lousy, however, this was not the case at Orchards. The host was very polite, and our waitress was awesome and on top of everything throughout the entire visit. I can say this was the best service we have had in a good amount of time.

Before getting our food, we did receive some warm hand towels, which we both kind of just looked at each other and were thinking “Okay then, what do we do with these?”. I have never heard of this before, but it is a nice, additional touch. Then came out the “muse”, which I do not remember what it was called, but it was a nice cheese and tomato mixture, with a small piece of bread.

For our appetizer we had gotten a cheese/meat plate. My boyfriend was a fan of everything on the plate, except for the olive. For some reason, I was not a huge fan of most of the cheeses, and the meats were just “okay”. However, overall nice selection and fresh.

Now the entrees…

Each one came with a basic house salad, which was held together by a pepper, making it look very unique.

I had gotten the crab and asparagus tortellini (minus the asparagus), and let me tell you, this was more crab than pasta, which is such a rare thing at restaurants. The tortellini was tender, had a good amount of filling, and tasted great overall! I can say I was happy with this meal.

My boyfriend had gotten the Filet Mignon and Wild Mushroom Pappardelle dish. He was very pleased also, this was the most tender steak he has ever gotten at a restaurant. Once again, the meat to pasta ratio was outstanding

After the entrees are finished, and we are ready to go, the waitress tells us they have two small treats for us. One was a nice, small spoonful of watermelon “Italian ice” (forget the real name), and two small coconut almonds. So even if you do not order dessert, you will have a little treat with your meal.

Overall, we both were very pleased with Orchards! We were out of there in less than an hour, the food tasted great, the service was wonderful, and we would definitely go back if we are around there.