Who’s Ready for Black Friday Shopping at Walmart?

It’s that time of year again…BLACK FRIDAY! With all the roller coasters that 2020 has thrown at us this year, it is more important than ever to be saving as much money as possible.

While a majority of us love shopping at Walmart on a normal basis, just because of the low prices and all-in-one type of store…at least I know I do when I get my groceries from Walmart on a weekly basis….

Black Friday makes shopping there 10x better with once a year awesome deals and savings.

I will say that I am normally one to be out at midnight grabbing the deals and driving store to store, but this year I think I am going to stick to online shopping, in my pajamas, at home, and self-distancing from the craziness.

Good news—You can get Walmart Black Friday Deals online also! So no worrying about leaving your house, catching the virus, or waiting in the crazy long lines.

While there are certain product categories that don’t really save you much on this day, such as clothing, there are others that give you the best deals of the year.

For me, over the years I have noticed the best savings would be on electronics! This is the main category I focus on every year….from kitchen appliances to televisions, and pretty much anything in between that has a battery or plug.

I try and hold out on upgrading products and replacing damaged products as long as possible, waiting for Black Friday shopping. This year I am looking to upgrade my air fryer and grab a cheap prepaid smartphone to use as a backup, and I know that Walmart will be able to help me out with both of these products.

Just a few samples of the upcoming sale that I am looking at personally:

  • 8-quart air fryer for $49
  • Vtech Maya the unicorn for $30
  • Verizon Samsung Galaxy A11 $49

As you can imagine, these are only three of the hundreds of deals that Walmart has going on this year. Black Friday is also the perfect time of year to stock up on children’s toys for Christmas and get you ahead of the game– time & money-wise.

Of course, Black Friday can become overwhelming quite quickly with SO many different stores out there participating with their own deals….

That is why there are websites out there to help you, giving you the option to preview the upcoming ads, view the top deals, and even link you to the product itself on the retailer’s website so you can save time searching. My favorite site for all of this—-Slickdeals!

With Black Friday still a few weeks away, make sure you start preparing now 🙂