What to Know Before You Buy a Yacht

Owning a yacht can be a dream come true with a little patience and proper research. A yacht can be custom-built from scratch or refurbished, but you have to know what your purpose is to have the best experience when purchasing your next boat.

How Do You Want to Sail

If you’re looking to be able to operate your yacht on your own, you have to choose the proper size. Being able to maintain the marine pumps, sails, and engines while at sea is crucial. For a more relaxed time aboard your ship, you can hire a crew to take care of everything for you. Large yachts can only operate with a crew, so if you prefer to sail alone make sure the size you choose is appropriate.

Where Do You Want to Go

Knowing the type of trips you want to take is necessary to choose the proper yacht for your needs. Are you hoping to sail around the world or stick to a specific area in the Caribbean? Each type of trip will have different supply requirements and you need to have the proper amount of space and amenities on the yacht you choose.

Do a Trial Run

Before you purchase your own yacht, charter other boats to experience what different sizes and designs are like. Charter a boat with a crew to see if you enjoy the relaxation of being at sea with no worries. Next, charter a smaller boat that you can operate yourself to see if you prefer being hands-on. Pay attention to the details of design on the different yachts and make a list of what you like and don’t like. Do you prefer fancier materials or more simple, down-to-earth elements in the design? Examine the layout of each boat and take notes about the different areas, both on deck and below.

Be Patient

Finding the perfect yacht could take years. If you decide you want a custom-built yacht, patience is key to finding the designer who can make your vision a reality. The more specific guidelines you have, the harder it may be to find the right person. In the end, it will be worth the time you waited to have the perfect vessel to sail the seas.

Whether you’re hoping to purchase your first yacht or your fifth, each experience is highly personal. Know what you want before you buy and, if you’re lucky, you may find a gem just waiting to be plucked.