Unusual Dinner Date Ideas

Whether you’re embarking on your first date or hoping to fan the romantic flames in an existing relationship, a simple dinner and movie won’t do. Planning an out-of-the-box experience will not only give you more to talk about throughout the evening, but also ensure you’ve created fascinating memories to reminisce about in the future.

Thrilling Theater

Find a venue that puts you in the middle of the adventure as you dine. While some locations serve the meal in a dining room and then shuttle the guests to another to watch the play, others such as a Sebring Florida dinner theater train or a murder mystery experience often place performers among the regular customers, making it seem as if the drama is really taking place. For a truly interactive evening, find a spot that assigns roles to patrons so you can participate in the scenes as well.

Lots of Laughs

For a truly amusing experience, dine at a comedy club that allows you to eat and drink while the performers are on stage. Choose a venue where you can purchase tickets to see a celebrity comedian and several lesser-known opening acts. If you’re on a budget, visit a spot that features up-and-coming humorists doing stand-up while you enjoy your meal. Some establishments feature an open menu, while others have limited, multiple-course dinners to choose from.

Do It Yourself

Combine the ease of going out to eat with the satisfaction of preparing your own meal by choosing an establishment that lets you cook your own food. Asian restaurants such as hot pot, Korean barbeque or shabu shabu offer pre-marinated meats and vegetables that you can boil in savory broth or heat on a small tabletop grill. For something even more decadent, consider fondue, which not only offers main courses, but also items like bread and fruit to dip in decadent melted cheese.

Tasty Trucking

If you crave variety and a casual dining experience, head to a food truck night at a local mall or outdoor arena. With establishments featuring everything from fish tacos to Asian fusion burritos to delicious dessert crepes, you can try a variety of cuisines throughout the evening. Many events also feature live music, merchandise vendors and plenty of seating.

Make an effort to take your date out for a meal that they won’t easily forget. Embarking on an evening that combines food and entertainment will ensure that it will be more than dinner – it will be an experience.