My Visit to Dutch Wonderland- The Kingdom for Kids

This past weekend was a family outing with my three nieces, mother, and my boyfriend, and I can say it was a bunch of fun! When you have three little girls, ages 3, 5, and 6, it can become a headache trying to find something that they can all agree on and be happy with. One idea that came to mind to solve that problem….Dutch Wonderland!!!

Back in 1963, Earl Clark, a potato farmer, opened Dutch Wonderland, and had also built the entrance to Dutch Wonderland, before it had opened. It was sold in 2001, but still remains the same ol’ fun amusement park for children. There are currently over 35 rides and attractions, which let me tell you, it will take all day to get to them all, especially with three children in tow.

When we visited the park, the weather forecast was calling for 85 degrees and sunny, which sounds like a nice day, but I was just SO worried about all of them over-heating and becoming extra whiny for the day. However, the day turned out VERY nice, cloudy most of the morning, and when we started to over-heat, we went to the water park!! Yes, I said water park!!

I can say, this was my favorite part of the day, running around under the water attractions chasing my little 3 year old around, it was a TON of fun! Within Duke’s Lagoon Water Play Area, they also have a large slide for adults and older children to go down. I did not do this, but everyone coming off of it appeared to be having a ton of fun.

Of course before we hit Duke’s Lagoon at the end of our visit, there were a bunch of fun other little rides that the girls had so much fun on. When it came to the height of the three, two were “Amber” and the youngest “Aquamarine”. This did become a problem a few times when the baby wanted to go on the roller coasters with her sisters, but we found her PLENTY to ride or play on while they were on bigger rides.

You can see a few of the rides below, and this is just a small portion of the ones that Dutch Wonderland has in the park.

Of course you have the Merry-go-round, which is great for all ages, and brings back a lot of memories as a child, that you will now be sharing with yours

Then you had The Twister (a circular-motion ride designed for the entire family. The 20-seat ride spins guests horizontally, and then starts fluctuating in a wavelike manner.)

The one my boyfriend wished he was a little kid for again, Duke’s Dozers (Repeat after me: Little dirt diggers love Duke’s Dozers.) This does just go in circles, but with my boyfriend working in heavy equipment, he always has my nieces interested in this kind of thing.

Want to hop like a frog? Try out the Frog Hopper, this ride is for everyone!

Love spinning in circles? All of my nieces loved this one, even the youngest! The Turlte Whirl (Get ready for some head-spinning fun on this family-friendly tilt-a-whirl.)

Let your children pretend they are flying a plane…Sky Fighter (Junior astronauts take their space adventure on Sky Fighter.)

Like I said, these are just a few of the rides in the park, but it should give you a general idea of the variety.

An awesome new addition to the park this year, Exploration Island – Where Dinosaurs Come to Life! My youngest niece was SO excited to see all the dinosaurs and kept smiling and running to the next dinosaur to see them. There are over 20 lifelike dinosaurs, and some of them do move to make them more realistic for the children.

Overall, it was a very nice day, and by the end, everyone was ready for the nap, especially their “gram”.

A few last things, there are multiple places within the park to get a bite to eat, so you should be able to find something for everyone. They also have refillable cups, pay $9.99, then refill the rest of the day for only $0.99, I think this is an awesome deal and would definitely take advantage of this! Also, throughout the day, there are shows going throughout the park, make sure to take note on the times, so you do not miss out! When you are leaving and you want a souvenir to remember your visit, there is a pretty large gigt shop when you are exiting the park for you to check out (or even on your way in, if you would like).

If you are currently looking to visit Dutch Wonderland this season, you can get some discounts on your visit, by going through this link here! Have an awesome trip!

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