Ideas on Cat Supplies for New Cat Owners

Ideas on Cat Supplies for New Cat Owners

Cats make wonderful pets, and they tend to need less supplies than dogs require. There are some great ideas on cat supplies that new cat owners might be interested in reading. Like all pets, cats need the proper amounts and types of food for the animal to remain in the best of health. Vets often recommend certain brands that are more nutritious. It is important to not leave wet food sitting out as it quickly spoils. Also, dry cat food should be kept sealed in a container that keeps it fresh and away from curious pets or little humans.

Most people know that cats like to scratch. The urge to scratch is a cat instinct that they are born with. Doing this ensures that their claws stay sharp and healthy. It is a good idea for new cat owners to invest in some form of scratching post. These can even be easily made with some carpet and wood. There are lots of fun cat entertainment perches and tunnels that offer hours of cat enjoyment and a suitable scratching environment. Some purchase window ledges or cat perches so that their indoor cats can lounge in the sunny spot watching the world outside.

Long-haired cats require some grooming to keep their fur healthy and untangled. A good cat brush is recommended for these cat breeds. Most cats like their owners to brush them if they were exposed to this early on. Cat owners will want to also buy cat worming products to ensure that their cats stay free from harmful worms. Young kittens need to have this medicine in a specified time period as kittens are typically born with worms. Your veterinarian can set up a worming schedule for your kittens or cat.

Cats living indoors will need a litter box and cat litter. There are many various cat litter boxes on the market, from expensive electronic types that shake litter clean, to ordinary plastic boxes with or without lids. Cats often prefer privacy when using the litter box. Be sure to purchase a multiple cat litter brand if your home has more than one cat. The type of litter used is really owner preference. However, picky cats might only use certain brands that they prefer. If adopting a cat from a shelter or other person, inquire on the type of litter that was used.

Some cat owners purchase cozy beds for their feline friends. Cats do love to snuggle under covers and prefer warm sleeping areas. This purchase is optional, as cats will be happy on a pile of towels or an old blanket. Cats need exercise to stay alert and healthy. There are numerous kinds of cat toys on the market that can give cats many memories of fun play times. Contrary to popular opinions, most cats do like to play with their human owners. Try getting small mice toys, squeaky small balls and fishing like toys that drag an object tantalizingly by a cat. They love to pounce and jump.

Some physical pet stores do not stock many cat products. Look for a reputable online pet retailer that has been approved by veterinarians. Online cat supply shopping is more convenient, offers more variety and is usually cheaper by far.

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