Beautiful Horse Breeds

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so the saying goes, and this is true for everything people find attractive from mates to flowers to mountain ranges. Some horses, however, get the nod over and over again as being especially magnificent because of their color, bearing or symmetry.


Riding across the desert on a beautiful shiny horse may seem like the beginning of a fairy tale, but Akhal-Tekes really are almost mythological. This 3000 year-old breed was written about by ancient Greeks and is a national symbol in Turkmenistan.  It is renowned for its endurance, speed and the metallic luster to its coat.


Known as PRE (which translates to pure Spanish horse) or the “Horse of Kings,” the Andalusian were used in battle and in the bull-fighting ring before crossing over to the world of dressage in 1567 by order of King Felipe II of Spain. This powerful horse is usually gray, but all colors are allowed. Andalusians have been in the Americas since 1493 thanks to Christopher Columbus.


Known for their grace and symmetry, Arabians are considered by many to be the most beautiful horse on the planet. Considered an original breed, today’s Arabians are descendants of the original Arabian prototype that traveled with Bedouins thousands of years ago. Arabians are good at so many things. They show agility easily with the horse jump cavaletti or the trail ride. Arabians come in a variety of colors.


If you like your horse moderately tall, dark and handsome, the Friesian is for you. The special curly black mane that Friesians sport is unusual and gives this horse the wow factor in competitions like dressage. The Friesian’s haughty good looks are due to the fact that it believes it is descended from the stalwart horses that knights from the Middle Ages rode into battle.

Paso Fino

Truly a new world horse, Paso Finos are descended from Andalusians brought to the Caribbean from Spain and are now incredibly popular in South America. It’s best known for its beautiful natural fluid gait that doesn’t bounce the rider. Paso Finos are gentle and loyal.

There is no way to list every single breed of horse that everyone finds attractive because everyone has different characteristics that appeal to them. As long as the horse is taken care of, all horses are beautiful majestic creatures. Some will love the sturdy Clydesdale the most and others will find splendor in the wild mustang and every horse in between.


  • Rosie

    This brings me back to when I was a youngster, oh, all I thought about was horses. I’d save my allowance to go riding. Always drawing horses, horse statutes, play horseie! When a little older, my parents paid for lessons for me and my sisters, I don’t know how they could afford it! I always loved Arabians!

  • Sarah L

    I know there are lots of different breeds of horses, but I couldn’t pick them out from a line up. Haven’t ridden a horse in 55 years.