Chattanooga, TN is a Great Place to Visit Over the Summer!

I recently visited Chattanooga, TN and had a great time. We stayed at KOA Campround.  It is a small campground but very well taken care of and the owner is super friendly and will help you out with anything you need. If you are looking to visit Chattanooga, here are some of the things I would suggest in the area.

First, We went to Rock City.  Rock City took maybe 1 1/2 – 2 hrs to see.  It has Lover’s Leap, Oberservation Point where you can see 7 states from 1 spot, a 180 foot swing bridge and it even has a small fallow deer park.   There is a “Fairytale Cavern”.  Each “cave” has a different fairytale theme to it.    The little girl who was following with her family behind us just loved this.  She couldn’t wait to see what was in the next “cave”.

Next we went to the Chattanooga Zoo.  We didn’t get to see a lot of the animals because it was a very hot day and they were all trying to stay out of the heat.  It is a small zoo but reasonably priced and very clean.   They have a penquin exhibit that was fun to watch.  We got to see baby penquins.

If you like cavern tours, Ruby Falls was a lot of fun.  Our tour guide Andy was great. If you can get him, you will have a blast. It was about a one hour tour.

The Tennessee aquarium was very nice. We could have spent more time there but we were rushed because we didn’t put enough money in the parking meter.   We only paid for 2 hrs which we thought would be plenty but you probably need at least 3 to take your time and see everything.

If you are looking to do some hiking while in Chattanooga, We went to Reflection Riding Arboretum & Nature center.  They have an area that you can see red wolves, bobcats, hawks, vultures, owls.   There is a 3 1/2 mile driving loop.   We decided to walk it just so we could see more.  There are also trails off the driving loop.  A lot of them need mowed but we hiked a long one.    We were there for probably six hours. Also, there are hiking trails at Cravens House up the road from Ruby Falls. That was very nice hiking. If you follow the one trail, it takes you to the battlefield.

Overall,  I would definitely recommend Chattanooga!!!