My Trip To Diggerland & Sahara Sam’s Oasis In NJ Continued

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to take boyfriend, niece, and myself to Diggerland USA and Sahara Sam’s Oasis in West Berlin, NJ. If you missed the Diggerland USA post, check it out here!

So what is Sahara Sam’s Oasis?

In March of 2009, Sahara Sam’s Oasis opened its doors in the community of West Berlin as New Jersey’s first free-standing, indoor water park with 58,000 square feet of aquatic and arcade attractions. Each year since its inception, Sahara Sam’s has managed to increase the value of their guest experience by making capital investments in attractions, expansions, and new programs.

Since we were going to Diggerland USA, I figured we could check out the water park next door also. I was lucky enough to get some tickets to experience the water park during my visit to West Berlin, NJ, I was very excited. Like I mentioned in the last post, I think we picked the hottest weekend to go on vacation, but good thing we were going to the water park on Sunday to cool down some ?

None of us have ever been to an indoor water park, so we were not sure what to expect. Once arriving, we went to the ticket counter where you also pay for your locker if you need someplace to store your items. There is a $20 deposit on top of the locker fee, but you get that back once you return your key. We chose the small locker which was large enough to fit two bags in it, I was kind of surprised.

I will tell you, this place was SO much busier than Diggerland because of the heat, but at the same time there was not much waiting to do anything, it ran very smoothly. I thought the indoor park would only be fun for my niece, but I was wrong, there were plenty of water slides, including Snake Eyes, Mount Kilimanjaro, and The Nile Mile.

My niece loved Tim-Buk-Tu, the adventure playland, and I will say so did I. She loved running around pulling the strings to have the water fall on her head. Within the playland, there is a part where every so often a ton of water shoots out drowning everyone in it’s path, so much fun ?

My favorite… The Congo Bongo, so relaxing!!

I love how Sahara Sam’s Oasis also has different depths of pools, one for babies/toddlers, Sam’s Slamdunker (One my niece was the most comfortable in), and then the adult sized pools. It made it so much easier trying to find a pool we all could be comfortable in. My niece has never been in a pool before, so she was kind of freaked out when she wasn’t holding on to us, but the life jackets they had available (free to use) made her so comfortable in the end.

One attraction I did not try out because I was afraid I would hurt myself (and I didn’t want people watching) was The Flow Rider, a Surf Simulator.

While we all had so much fun, I am pretty sure my niece had the most fun, it was so hard getting her to leave the Splish Splash in the end. This is a great place to make some new friends also, my niece made a little friend, which made it so much harder for her to leave.

One more thing I forgot, for the adults that need a break, they even have a bar! While I did not get anything from here it seemed to be pretty popular.

If you are going to New Jersey and Diggerland USA is not the thing for your family, who can resist a water park?! Check out Sahara Sam’s Oasis!!