Olde Lincoln House Restaurant & Tavern (Ephrata, PA)

One of my local favorite restaurants in my nearby small town, would be Olde Lincoln House Restaurant & Tavern. While this is a small little restaurant, it is pretty popular.

When you walk in the door, you have the option of dining in the main dining room (which is more upscale), or the tavern room (which does share part of the dining menu, but  with more cheaper, bar foods also). During the summer months you also have the tiki bar outside (which I have not visited yet).

My favorite thing to come here for…..

The Baked Mac & Cheese (Made in house; topped with bacon & bread crumbs). For some reason there mac & cheese just stands out to me and I love it!! The bacon and bread crumbs on top, just give it that needed crunch. While I do feel the serving size is on the smaller side, it is enough to fill me up and decent for the price

When it comes to the appetizer, I normally get the Lincoln fires, which are baked with cheddar cheese topped with bacon, diced tomatoes, lettuce & bistro sauce.  I am a hug fan of cheese, so these just fit me perfectly!

This time I decided to go with something different though….the Buffalo Shrimp! I cannot say that these are my favorite type of shrimp I have tried, but they were not bad. These were literally deep fried shrimp, with buffalo sauce thrown on. Overall, not a bad taste, they were quite crispy, but the sauce is not one of my top choices. I will stick with my Lincoln fries from now on

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