Appalachian Brewing Company (Lititz, PA)

Appalachian Brewing Company (ABC) was founded in 1997, with our original brewery and brewpub located in downtown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. One of America’s largest brewpubs, this previously abandoned 100-year-old building was completely restored to create one of the most beautiful spaces in our capital city. ABC now operates six restaurants, each complete with their own small-batch craft beer brewery, as well as our full-scale Appalachian Craft Soda manufacturing facility located in Mechanicsburg, PA.”

Someone my boyfriend works with kept saying how good the food was here, and he should really try out the mac n cheese, along with the pulled pork….so….we just had too!

We decided to start out with a small plate appetizer…

Classic Canadian Poutine! “Our classic brewhaus fries topped with Yancey’s Fancy(tm) cheddar cheese curds and our own “Jolly Scot” gravy”

Honestly, if I would not have read the description, I would have had no idea what this was. It was something I have never heard cheese fries called before. I was going to get the gravy on the side, but forgot to ask…so…they were made as normal. In the end, I am pretty glad I got them as they are listed, they were VERY good. The gravy on the fries just gave it some good extra flavor, kind of reminded me of gravy bread. Then you had the globs of cheese in almost every bite…yum!!

Me being mac n cheese obsessed, of course that is what I went with…..

Brewer’s Mac and Cheese! “Not your grandma’s mac & cheese! We mix penne pasta in our specially brewed brewed cheese blend and top it with bacon, bleu cheese crumbles and panic breadcrumbs

I am kind of on the fence about this mac n cheese. The reasoning- eating the macaroni with just the cheese sauce itself, I am not really much of a fan. I think the sauce is just too “saucy” rather than real cheese flavor I am used to. It kind of reminds me of processed, melted cheese texture and flavor. However, when I got the bites of mac n cheese that had the blue cheese and bacon on them, they were sweet, and very appetizing. I am not a huge fan of blue cheese either, but the combo was just perfect.

Then you have the pulled pork my boyfriend just had to try….

Hog Wild! “Aero-Head Bock seasoned, slow roasted pork shoulder, served on a toasted brioche roll with our hand-crafted Appalachian Root Beer BBQ sauce”

To start, the portion of pork that they give you on the roll is crazy! You can easily turn it into two sandwiches. Then…you have the “stamp” on the roll, which makes the sandwich very unique and pretty cool. So the taste….he was a HUGE fan of the pulled pork, especially the root beer sauce. It just has the right amount of sweetness too it. Of course he had to finish it all there, and ended up waddling out like a penguin

Overall, Appalachian Brewing Company is not a bad place to dine out! On top of the food, the service was WONDERFUL! We had everything we needed and were checked on multiple times during our visit.

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