America’s Best Historical Exhibits


Want to expand your mind? Get out of the same old same old?  Visiting a museum or exhibit is a great boredom buster. Museums offer a plethora of artwork and odd exhibits. They make you think more in depth than you would in any other scenario.

Let’s go through some of America’s best museums and exhibits.

  1. Metropolitan Museum of Art –  New York City

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, or MOMA for short, is a world renowned museum right in New York City. This exhibit is inexpensive to visit and hold four floors of amazing art. This always changing exhibit falls close to the popular High line, a beautiful reconstructed railroad track that was turned into a modern garden that flows above the city.  The MOMA has held over 2 million pieces of work, some of which are from Picasso, Monet, van Gogh and many other historical artists. Coming to the Metropolitan Museum of Art is a cheap way to expand your mind and enjoy yourself. After you leave the museum, go take a walk on the high line and view the beautiful work of the reconstruction and the city from a higher point of view.

  1. Art Institute of Chicago – Chicago, IL.  

The Art institute of Chicago falls to be one of the most recognizable museums in the United States. With unique pieces of art and an amazing restaurant, this place is one you will definitely want to get away to. This institute also holds iconic film scenes for the storied halls section, like Ferris Bueller’s Day off. Take the day to go and explore these great art exhibits. Open your mind enjoy the history of what makes our world beautiful.

  1. Museum of Fine Arts – Boston, MA

This museum is a phenomenal one, delivering a premium experience where an audio guide can guide you through this beautiful exhibit.The audio guide will take you on a journey you’ve never been on. While learning about the arts background, you will find that the American art offered within is a hot topic section to the general public.  A great added benefit to this beautiful art museum is that you can return within 10 days free of charge as long as you have your previous ticket! Wednesday nights are what they call donation nights, and visitors can pay however much they’d like for admission. This fine arts museum is popular among Boston residents, even worth looking into Boston Real Estate to join in on the amazing experience offered. Visit this beautiful exhibit and experience something truly unique.

These three historical Art exhibits are beyond amazing and offer something special to whoever chooses to visit.  Why not see for yourself?