3 Ways To Save Money On Your Horse

Owning a horse is expensive. Not only do you have to pack for tack, food and board, but you also have competition fees if you participate in any type of equestrian sport. Although having a four-legged companion to ride whenever you want is worth the price, you may be overwhelmed when unexpected expenses hit. Here are three things you can do to cut expenses related to owning a horse.

Buy Insurance To Offset Vet Bills

Just as people buy health insurance to help with medical bills, you can find the best horse insurance to help with unexpected vet bills. It may not cover routine medical exams, but it can be a huge help if your beloved pet gets sick or hurt. Some health problems, such as colic, happen suddenly and can be fatal if not treated quickly and can quickly rack up thousands of dollars’ worth of vet bills. You may see horse insurance as a gamble because you may not need it, but you will be happy you have it in an emergency.

Give Your Horses Plenty of Time To Graze

Horse feed is another significant expense. Horses can survive on just grass, but they need grain in their diets if they are active. The more you work your horses, the more grain they need. They also need a lot of grain if they are kept primarily in a stall and not given many opportunities to graze. While you can offset feeding expenses by using a lower-quality feed, it is a better idea to use nutritious, high-quality grain with plenty of grazing time. The more grass your horse eats, the less grain he or she will need, resulting in food savings for you.

Take a Break From Competing

Event fees for different equestrian competitions add up quickly, especially if you don’t win often enough to cover your expenses. If you find yourself in a losing slump, it may be a good idea to take a break from competing for a few months. Not only does this help you save money, but it also allows you to spend some time focusing on and strengthening the bond with your mount.

Although horses are expensive, there are ways to save on costs without compromising on the quality of care. Use these three tips to offset the costs of owning a horse so you can care for him or her properly without breaking the bank.

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