Make Your Father Comfortable With This Bacon Pancake Sandwich (In Bed)! #FathersDay #Recipe

Do not forget, Father’s Day is coming up on Sunday!! For some reason it seems a lot harder to find something for Father’s Day each year than it does Mother’s Day. Have you ever thought, “Maybe dad just wants to relax also?!” I don’t think that has really crossed my mind over all these years.

I have an idea for you this year if you are still trying to find that perfect gift but do not have the money to spend, or just want it to mean something…

How about breakfast in bed?? I know that is more of a Mother’s Day activity, but who does not like to be catered too, especially while relaxing in there nice comfy warm bed.

Casper has challenged me to come up with a breakfast recipe for for Fathers this year. Who is Casper? They are a mattress company who reinvented the mattress to make it more comfortable….

The Casper mattress is made from a special blend of three types of foam:

  • Latex foam (which provides support, cooling, and bounce)
  • Memory foam (which provides support and comfort)
  • Support foam (which props up your body so you don’t sink into the bed completely)

The mattress is enveloped by a custom designed and hand-sewn cover that complements nearly any bedroom.

I have not had the chance to try out their mattress, however they offer a 100 day trial period, which sounds awesome!

Now on to the recipe…

I was thinking my father loves baseball and bacon, so why not a bacon pancake sandwich that looks like a baseball? Or at least attempt to look like a baseball ? This recipe is very quick and simple, I think the hardest part was making the round pancake until I remembered I have the Perfect Pancake Maker ?


  • 1 cup of Bisquick
  • 1 cup of milk
  • 2 eggs
  • Syrup
  • 3 pieces of bacon (One piece split into 2 strips, one break into pieces)
  • 3 pieces of sausage
  • Cheese


  • For the Pancake
    • Mix the Bisquick, milk (or water if you don’t have milk), and one egg, add syrup to make the pancake sweet and moist in a mixing bowl
    • Make sure your pan is hot and greased (so the pancakes don’t stick)
    • Pour two pancakes onto your hot pan
    • In one of the pancakes add the bacon- Make two strips across pancake, overlay with tiny pieces of bacon for the baseball look
    • Cook until pancake is cooked through, and for the best look, golden brown
  • Now the Sandwich
    • Place one pancake on the bottom
    • Add a layer of bacon
    • Cut your sausages in half, place 4 strips on pancake
    • Top with cheese
    • Add top pancake with bacon
  • The Egg
    • You can make this however dad likes it, I attempted to make a sun and clouds shaped egg for on the side with my egg holder
  • Finish the plate off with any extra sausage and bacon you have to make it a full hearty meal, in my case one of each

If your dad doesn’t like baseball, you can make the pancakes whatever shape you think he will like the most. Remember it’s the thought that counts, not the looks!