Here’s how your wallet will hurt without a travel insurance

Most travellers get away without acquiring a travel insurance before boarding, but not everyone is lucky. If you travel often, chances are you’ll run through some bad circumstances and you won’t be able to do anything against it – not unless you are insured via travel insurance promotion that’s accessible to anyone who is smart enough to get it.

Maybe you’re here because you’ve researched some and have read about horror stories about inadequately insured travellers who go off on holiday feeling perfectly well and then an unseen accident puts them in a hospital. These folks find themselves far away from home without personal support systems in place and then they’re left with thousands of dollars of medical bills. Not fun at all!

Do you know how much it’ll potentially cost if you travel without a travel insurance and you…

  • Broke a leg while skiing?
  • Had an accident while trying out a new sport?
  • Needed to stay overnight in a hospital?
  • Need a rescue helicopter from a mountain’s base camp?

Here’s a rough estimate based on Wanderlust’s information:

  • A traveller had to pay £21,000 just to cover the cost of treatment for a heart infection and bleeding he developed on the brain. Costs involved treatment at two hospitals as well as an air ambulance back to the UK from Spain.
  • £12,000 to treat a holidaymaker who suffered a broken arm after a ski fall in Spain.
  • Medical bills in the USA currently average £5,726 – the world’s most expensive place for emergency medical care.
  • £55,000 to treat a traveller who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder while vacationing in the USA and then required to be flown back to the UK with a doctor escort.
  • £100 treatment to lance a blister from a burn in Tenerife.

According to the International Federation of Health Plans in 2012, it will cost you the following money if you stay in a hospital treatment for 24 hours.

  • Australia $1,472
  • USA $4,287
  • Argentina $429
  • South Africa $665
  • France $853
  • New Zealand $979.

What can you do about it? There are virtually endless options when it comes to the number of providers offering travel insurance promotion. With promotion comes lower prices, and you can choose from different types of insurance based on your needs.

There are two other primary types of travel insurance that are created to lessen the financial risk posed by unexpected medical expenses and other disasters that can confront international travellers. Although the differences can be indistinct between the two types of plans, they are commonly categorised distinctly as international medical insurance and travel protection plans, both of which may be acquired in single-trip, multi-trip, or renewable types.

End Note

Getting sick when travelling is bad enough. Getting confined or being diagnosed with a serious condition is another. Not only will your vacation get ruined, you will be forced to shell money as well – sometimes money you don’t have. Thankfully, the prevalence of travel insurance promotion available online and local providers mean there’s no real reason why you shouldn’t get one. Just think of the heartache and money you’ll be saving if bad things do happen as they sometimes do.

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