A Wonderful Day at Disney World

Last week my boyfriend and I went on a weeks vacation to Florida, the first time for both of us. Of course we were both ready to get away from work, but also to explore a new area about 15 hours from home.

On the 5th day of our vacation we were able to check out Disney World for a day. Yes a day 🙂 When getting into Disney we were a little overwhelmed not realizing how much is there, but there are plenty of signs to get you around easily. The first park we went to was Animal Kingdom and we spent a good amount of the day here. We are both big fans of animals so figured this would be a good start. One thing I wanted to see was Pandora- Avatar, but based on the three hour wait, and our time limit, maybe when we go again.

The best adventure here for me was definitely the Kilimanjaro Safaris! You get to see all kinds of different animals as you stroll through their world. You don’t get to pet any animals unfortunately, but still an awesome ride. Our tour guide on this safari was very edcated and made it an even better trip.

I would say my next favorite within Animal Kingdom was It’s Tough to be a Bug! This is a fun 3D show for all ages and it throws in some effects to make it even better. Glad I had time to check this out.

The next park we went to for about 3 hours was Magic Kingdom. I can say there was a lot going on here between all the shows we kept hearing and just the attractions in general. I like how this park is set up like a little town, even the shops. The one thing I would suggest, get a map for sure, the labels around this park were not the best. When it comes to my favorite attractin here, I would have to go with Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor! This is not the answer I expected to be giving, but I really enjoyed how they involved the audience on this one, which of course made it funnier.

While we of course did not have enough time to see everything in this park. It did seem to be geared more towards the children on the rides, but plenty of other things for the whole family to enjoy.

Lastly, we went to Epcot! I can say this is one park I wish I had more than an hour in since we only made it to test drive. When it comes to test drive, be warned, this is really like test driving a car. You create your car, then get to ride in one, which does go really fast, including on the outside of the building. Tons of fun!

The one other thing that I made sure we saw was the ending show with illuminations and fireworks. It was nice to just stay in one spot and relax for a little with my boyfriend under the fireworks.

In the end, even though this was a rushed day, it was a fun time and if we get to go in the future, we know more to spread our time out better and see more.

Some tips I wish I knew for myself:

  • If you have time, I would suggest at least a few to get to all the parks. I can say we did feel a little rushed but at least made it in 3/4 parks.
  • One thing that was a real time saver for use, FAST PASS! If you have never heard of this it is an app you download and can book your spot in line for a certain ride. Tip: keep refreshing every minute if there is something you really want, it changes every time based on who releases what.
  • Bring some snacks with you. We did eat our main meal in the park, but if you are bringing a big family this will hold them over till then.
  • Instead of a purse, bring a mini backpack. This makes it easier for grabbing things, riding on rides, and will not have your shoulder hurting
  • Stay in Disney. We had stayed outside of Disney which was nice, but there seems to be more perks staying within the park including dining passes.
  • One thing I wish I got, the photo pass. This is an option to have employees take your photo throughout the park and have them all saved for you to view later. In the end seems worth the price and memories to me