My Trip To Diggerland & Sahara Sam’s Oasis In NJ!!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to take myself, boyfriend, and niece to Diggerland USA and Sahara Sam’s Oasis in West Berlin, NJ.

So what is Diggerland USA?

Diggerland USA is a construction themed adventure park where children and their families drive, ride, and operate heavy machinery in a safe family-friendly environment. The facility footprint covers 14 acres and features over 23 attractions. Diggerland USA opened June 14th 2014.

My boyfriend works with heavy equipment and has been hearing about Diggerland all over the radio while at work so he asked if we could take my niece to go check out Diggerland. (Since he didn’t want to seem like a weird big kid by himself ? ) I contacted Diggerland and they were generous enough to give me complimentary tickets to have fun in their park, which I am very thankful for.

Before arriving at the park, I was a little worried about how it would turn out, it was an almost 90 degree day, and my niece and I are not heat fans. Lucky for us, they had plenty misting fans around the park you could stand under, along with spots to sit down with large umbrellas covering you, so that was pretty awesome and made the day so much better. I would suggest when going to the park, buy the Diggerland cup, you get $0.99 refills throughout the day, which I did not realize until the end, so I was buying individual bottles of water which was a little much.

Diggerland does have height requirements, however most of the rides, if the children can not run the heavy equipment themselves, they can sit on the lap of the parent, or in the extra seat. My niece LOVED trying to run the equipment, especially the mini diggers. Your goal is to get the bricks out of the sand with the bucket, which I had some issues with ?

Then we had the Skid-Steer which my niece had fun riding, but wasn’t much help in steering ? This piece of equipment was very touchy, I ended up hitting the wall as soon as I moved, oops!! But you drive through the course on this one, trying to avoid the walls of course

The Ground Shuttle was a good ride to relax on and get a higher-up view of the park.

If you are looking for a fun place for your younger child to play for a bit, send them to kid zone! There was swings and slides to keep my niece busy for a little while we relaxed under the shade umbrella.

The one ride I could send my niece on by herself, since I cannot spin in circles and she was tall enough to go alone, was the Dig-a-round. She had so much fun on this!

Unfortunately, the Argo off-road was not open yet when we were there, my boyfriend really wanted to do these. If you are looking for a fun toy though, apparently you can rent these ?

If you are brave enough you can do the ropes course. I thought about it, but my niece was not tall enough, and I did not want to go myself, and someone had to keep an eye on her. It looks really fun though.

In the end, when you are ready to check-out and go home, you go through the Diggerland USA store, which has a ton of little equipment you can take home, along with other souvenirs.

Overall, for it being a VERY hot day, It turned out a lot better than expected and everyone ended up having lots of fun. The park was pretty empty on the day we went, I think everyone was at the waterpark, so that made it nicer also. I am glad I got the chance to experience Diggerland USA and would visit again in the future with my family.

While I only gave you a glimpse of the park, there are still many other attractions I did not show you in this post, including an arcade room where you can win tickets to purchase prizes. So make sure you check out Diggerland USA if you are around New Jersey this summer!

The post about our trip to Sahara Sam’s Oasis to come…