Pierogi and Kielbasa Slow Cooker Meal Recipe


When I get home from work I am just ready to sit down and not do much the rest of the night. Because of that I have been trying to set a goal of one new slow cooker meal a week to make things easier. I am sure a lot of you feel the same way, so why not have dinner ready when you walk in the door?!

The best thing about this meal, you can choose any flavor pierogi’s you want, and really any type of sausage also, giving a great variety.

The recipe below I made for 2 people and still had a good amount left over for another meal, so judge based on your family size.

-When it comes to the cream cheese, if you don’t mind chancing curds, no need to melt first!


  • Rosie

    This sure looks good. I was just looking for slow cooker recipes this morning, not any certain kind, but wanting to expand my limited repertoire, this is perfect!

  • Ann

    This is a recipe that I would like to make for my father! We both love pierogies, but I’m a vegetarian. 🙂 He would just love this!

  • heather

    I haven’t used our slow cooker in a while now and I think it is time I fire it back up. I would love to try this recipe it sounds nice and easy and super yummy. Thanks for sharing this one I am always looking for new slow cooker ideas.